Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Heights: Then & Now

52 Livingston Street, 1953. Beautifully preserved and finally landmarked.
153 Joralemon, 1953. Below, also showing bodega currently on ground level.123 Henry Street, 1954. The only thing that looks any different here is the tint of the photo and the size of the cars.

94 Joralemon, 1928. Unfortunately, because of the time of day, it was impossible for me to duplicate the angle of the vintage photo without blinding the lens with sunlight, but the similarities are apparent, including the chimneys on either side."The Little House That Could" at 135 Joralemon Street sold last year for nearly $4.2 million after a loving restoration following a fire in 2006 that left it in sad decay. It's now a charming if not curious clapboard amid the brownstones of the nabe. Below, 1926. Note the For Sale sign nailed to the porch.And finally, a fascinating view of 135 Joralemon back when it had a yard on the side and beautiful one-family homes on both sides.

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