Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Brooklyn 100 Years Ago

On a clear day (in 1908), it appears you can see forever. This extraordinary photo, as noted by the photog, shows the Brooklyn, Manhattan and Williamsburg bridges. Worth clicking for full view.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Let's Eat In The Heights: Then & Now

The Heights Cafe, at 84 Montague Street just up from our apartment, has been the go-to restaurant for upscale dining since I moved to the nabe in 2000. Found this fab foto below on Brooklynheightsblog today, showing what occupied the space in the 1980s: the Promenade Restaurant (courtesy of Melanie Hope Greenberg). I dashed out in the snow to snap the current pic, as close as I could manage to the same angle.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cobble, Cobble

Not rare... but special. Along the streets of DUMBO, Brooklyn

Park Place?

Here along the Brooklyn Heights waterfront, the promise of a multi-use park, by all reports, is still alive, despite the crappy economy—and thankfully, progress continues, as the old pale blue warehouses continue to come down. Now there's a crane on premises. Above, now; below, early this fall. If I live to see this, I'll be a helluva happy Brooklynite.

20 Front Street, Brooklyn

Long gone... no info online anywhere, so literally fabric of the past.


Discovered this joint today at Front and Jay streets walking through Dumbo into Vinegar Hill, Brooklyn. McBrooklyn has lots of comments and the consensus seems to be that the cuisine at Pedros is barely edible. But an A for outside decor!And how about 190A for true loft living! This looks to be a former storefront that is now a two-level residence. I imagine that the tony residents of DUMBO who paid $1.5 million for their 900-square-foot space with Bosch stoves might not be as amused by this as I.

Not A Prime Example Of Gentification

Vinegar Hill, Brooklyn... Imagine the possibilities of this clapboard dump, though I admire the crazy hippie (likley rent-stablized since 1968) that occupies street level. Click picto see fliers in the window. Best: "Forget the dog... Beware Of Owner."

Manhattan Bridge Hugging Empire State

I'm no pro, for sure, but I'm right proud of this photo.

As I was walking through Dumbo today, I discovered a picture-perfect view of the Manhattan Bridge framing the Empire State Building in the distance. At right is a close-up view, and below, the full spectacle. I gave it sepia treatment to even the contrast.

Graffiti Row

Even though we got snow this morning in Brooklyn, temps finally lifted above the freezing mark and I eagerly walked over to the indoor Brooklyn Flea in Dumbo—and on to explore a new nabe in the hood: Vinegar Hill, a sadly run-down section of B'lyn just past Dumbo. What a contrast. Here are some creative examples of graffiti I met along the way.